I’m kind of in love with Simon Singh

Why haven’t I ever heard of this man before? He dramatically demonstrates how an expectation can create a false signal from something that’s nothing but noise.

This demonstrates why it’s so important to have tools, objective and rational, that can be used to separate out actual signals from the noise that surrounds us.

If you expect there to be an invisible sky man, then you will see an invisible sky man, in spite of the mountains of positive evidence against ISM’s existence.

Philosophical materialism

I think part of my problem is that I’m a materialist (believing only in the material world, not a supernatural world) by default. There is no evidence, credible or otherwise, to suggest the existence of such things as immortal souls, or effects or energies that can’t be observed, or deities of unlimited power.

But, deep down, like most other people, I wish that all that were true. OF COURSE it would be great if magick worked. OF COURSE it would be great if there was an infinitely powerful god that guided my life and rewarded the faithful and punished the unholy and the evil. OF COURSE I’d like it if someone could contact the dead and offer reassurance that they are at peace, or could tell me what to avoid and what to work towards in the future.

It’s just that I can’t justify any of it beyond wishful thinking.

With all that in mind, my horoscope this week has been suggesting that I’m very close to achieving a goal, and that if I can be patient, I can reap great rewards. That I will achieve vindication.

Wouldn’t that be great, if only it were true? Because it’s exactly what I (or anyone, really) would want to hear.