About Me

I’m Brian Moon. I was born in Portland, OR in late 1964, and I’ve lived the majority, but not the entirety, of my life in Portland.

I always thought my last name destined me to be an astronaut, but that hasn’t happened (yet).

I have been a hot dog cart vendor, an auto detailer, a bookseller, a printer, a data-entry tech, a game store clerk, a Customer Service Representative, a technician, and a government functionary.

But all that’s behind me now.

I’m a writer.

I am currently working on a novel, a political comedy about a slacker who runs for Congress on the enthusiasm of his service-industry peers. While I’m doing that, I am also available to write for hire: personal essays; news; reviews of technology, movies, books, restaurants, and more; documentation; business correspondence; resumes and cover letters; or where ever the written word is needed.

I am also available locally in Portland, OR for computer hardware and software troubleshooting and repair, based on my two decades of experience providing technical support for Windows, Mac OS, and iPhones, in the home or office.

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