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Imagine having to live this day, today, over and over again, Phil Connors-style, as a fan of LOST.1

Getting to see the opening episode of the final season, but never getting any more answers to the questions of the show…

Yeah. That’d suck.

A quote from the last episode of the penultimate season, I think, sets up what we’re going to see as the series concludes. When li’l Sawyer was shown, in flashback, first writing the letter to “Mr. Sawyer” that he would carry with him all his life, an older man (an uncle?) said to him:

“I know you’re angry at the man that did this to your mommy and daddy, and, Hell, you got every right to be. But you’ve got to move on. Ain’t nothin’ you can do to change that.

“What’s done, is done.”

Is that true? Or does Sawyer (and the others that were touched by Jacob) get a do-over?

1 Thanks to Ken for planting that idea in my head.