Arrow of God

Hearing someone praise God for his power on the evidence of a little girl surviving being hit in the throat near the carotid artery only makes me think:

If God was so powerful, couldn’t he have simply prevented the arrow from hitting her?

There’s just something not right about the logic: this little girl was struck by a deadly object in a horrific fashion but it’s OK because God allowed it happen just enough to wound her, but not kill her?

This must be the same reasoning that says torture and indefinite imprisonment of non-combatants is OK as long as there’s no permanent organ failure.

I guess that means rape is fine as long as the mom survives and has the resulting child because, hey, everyone loves babies! They’re so innocent.

Sorry to go off on a tangent. I saw the initial comment that sparked my posting on Facebook, otherwise I’d link to it. I get that the mother is relieved her child survived the arrow, but attributing just one small part of her surviving to God and using it to state that “God is powerful” is simply horseshit and doesn’t stand up to any kind of thinking at all.

But the writers of the various books of the Bible, and all the men who have spent centuries interpreting it, don’t really like thinking and reason, do they? It got in their way. Better to discourage reason and logic in favor of convoluted worship of authority; that’s how a cult is built, after all.