Do not do this

I use my iPhone alarm as my alarm clock. I chose a nice, pleasant sound as the alarm (it’s called “Marimba”) and set it for just a bit earlier than I have to actually get out of bed, so as to give me plenty of time to laze around and hit “snooze” a couple of times.

This morning, though, in my rush to stop the racket my iPhone was making (yes, the “nice, pleasant sound” becomes “a racket” when it jars me out of a deep sleep), I hit “OK” instead of “snooze”. Did not realize I’d hit the wrong button until too late.

Which thought registered in my brain long enough to realize that I was not going to be able to drift back asleep. Either I needed to reset the alarm, which takes some mental coordination to navigate the iPhone’s menus… or just suck it up and get up early.

Here I am, early. Bleargh.