GPS in my pocket

Did I mention I upgraded my iPhone to the newest model? Is that a surprise to anyone? Sorry, I know I’ve been MIA a bit around here but I’m sure I mentioned it at one point or another.

Out of all the new features in iPhone OS 3.0 and the iPhone 3G S, it turns out that the one I like the most isn’t even a “new” feature. It’s the built-in GPS, which the previous model, the iPhone 3G, had (but I didn’t, since I never owned one of those).

I use MotionX GPS (iTunes link) every time I walk anywhere. Walking to and from the bus stop. Walking to lunch. Walking up to the grocery store. Walking around the block. I keep track of my speed and location. In fact, I speed up a bit when I’m looking at the screen because I want to burn more calories. It’s kind of nuts. MotionX will even plot my course on a Google map, in addition to a “standard” GPS topographical map.

I’ve gone for two runs since getting my new iPhone, and I love the feedback I get from RunKeeper. I’m considering upgrading to the Pro version, since it would give me training programs and spoken feedback during my run.

I love living in the future! And I don’t even mind that the NSA knows exactly where I (or my iPhone) is at all times.