The Oldest MacBook Pro in Portland gets an upgrade

Sorry for being a bit absent ’round here. Haven’t been feeling much like writing, if you can believe it.

About the most interesting thing that’s happened to me this week is getting a new hard drive installed in Sterling, the MacBook Pro that, three years later, I still call my new sexy thing. Truth is, it’s not quite so new anymore, but it has character. A few scars – the dent from where the idiot on the “fixie” ran into me from behind, a spot just under the keyboard where the paint is coming off, other random stains and scratches – but it still works like a champ.

In the three years I’ve had it, other than the above incidents, Apple has replaced the following under warranty:

  1. Logic board
  2. Battery (twice)
  3. Hard drive (which was damaged in my nasty car accident so shouldn’t have been under warranty, shhhh!)

…which seems like a good record for a laptop that gets used daily, and lugged around everywhere. It’s been to New York and Cancćn, on road trips out into the Nevada desert, to the beach and Seattle.

And last night, my friend Hollie popped off the top case and showed me what was inside, and installed a Seagate Momentus 7200.4 500GB hard drive, smooth as silk.

I finally got to see the inside of my new sexy thing.

Damn… I should have taken pictures!

With any luck, this laptop should serve me well for the next year or so. Sure, I’d like to upgrade to a new unibody MacBook Pro. But I don’t have to.

And, besides, I think I have the oldest MacBook Pro in Portland. What’s not cool about that?