If you notice some weirdness

I’m going through every last post on my site, from the oldest to the newest, and adding a title to each one to bring it up to the current standard.

I’m also checking and updating every link, and in some cases adding obvious links to my past posts or external sites.

If there are any pictures in the post, I am moving the pictures from my old gallery to my Flickr photostream. If you happen to be following my Flickr page, and you see old pictures show up there, that’s a result of me adding them.

When I’m done updating, I’m going to be creating a new archive page; one that will include links by month and year, links to the tags I use, and a handy search function. In other words, an archive that will be more useful than the difficult-to-read drop-down menu that I currently have over there on the left.

I also plan on creating a more informative “about me” page, with links to some of my best or most important posts, and links to the various other places on the internet I use, like the above Flickr account, or Twitter page, my Last.fm page, and others.

Then I want to add some small things like navigation links for the archive pages and tweak the CSS and page layout a bit.

In other words, just some background tinkering to make it all work a bit better. Y’all probably don’t care but if so, hope you don’t mind.

If you notice something broken, missing, or just strange, let me know.