Libertarian Co-Worker has some funny ideas

When there was a lull in a team meeting today, while Ken was writing something on the white board, our Libertarian Co-Worker (LCW) decided to make a statement about how we, the people, could get out from under the “crushing debt” that our political leadership is imposing on us.

All the states should secede from the Union.

See, it’s perfect, because it sticks all the Beltway folk in the Federal District of Columbia with all the trillions of dollars of debt! And all the individual states could then carry on our merry way, free and clear and able to achieve our own, individual manifest destiny! SEE??

I replied, “Yes, because, obviously, everyone going their own separate way is how humanity has achieved so much in such a short amount of time, from science to social progress to art and literature and music. I mean, duh.”

He fum-fuhed in return, and sputtered out something about how Sen. Wyden and Rep. Wu had no authority to saddle him with this crushing debt. Before I could point out that whole “representative government” thing, LCW said, to my utter astonishment,

“Well, Ron Wyden or David Wu haven’t ever come and asked me my opinion about the things they’ve voted on. That gives them no authority in my eyes.”

…and he was apparently completely sincere when he said it.

So just because the Congressman hasn’t come to personally ask him which way to vote invalidates the votes they cast?

Whoa. That’s some major-grade crazy right there.