Pirates take the lead

I discovered that there is an entire store devoted to Nothing. But. Pirate. Stuff.

This boggles my mind. There are so many ways that’s awesome.

In the eternal battle between pirates and ninjas*, I admit, I’m a pirate partisan. So I’m gonna have to score this round to the pirates. Do ninjas have their own stores? No. I think not.

Sure, there are “martial arts” stores and stores devoted to Asiana, but specifically and exclusively ninja stuff? I see none. There appear to be some online stores, but no actual storefronts.

And to those who would suggest that ninja stores are just hidden, I say, again: show me the evidence.

If nothing else, pirates take the lead. Good job, pirates! Or should I say, “Arrrrrr!”

* Isn’t it just as awesome that there’s an entire page on Wikipedia devoted to the eternal battle between pirates and ninjas? I love Wikipedia.