Like having new ears

Continuing in the vein of “things I never noticed before”, while I’m sitting here waiting for laundry to finish, CAKE’s “I Bombed Korea” came up in iTunes. CAKE is one of my all-time favorite artists, and I must have listened to all of their albums hundreds of times.

Hang on… OK, iTunes tells me that I’ve listened to this song 64 times. But I’m sure there’s times that iTunes hasn’t captured. But, still, call it a hundred. Point is, I’ve listened to this song, and all of CAKE’s stuff, many many times.

My iTunes computer outputs to my home stereo, and for the longest time, my home stereo was badly connected. I’m not sure what was wrong, but I got no equalization at all and lots of noise and hiss. But after my new carpet was put in, I took the time to carefully re-hook up my stereo and now it sounds so much better.

Back to the present. That song came on…

…and this time, unlike the dozens of times before, I heard a second, syncopated (is that the right word?) voice in harmony with John McCrea’s voice. Never before, only today.

To be honest, most of those times were on an iPod and through Apple’s own earbuds, but some of them were on this very home stereo system.

It’s amazing what I can hear with new ears.