The good and the bad

Harsh weather brings out the good and the bad in people.

The Good:

  • Earlier in the, the #70 bus driver stopped for me even though I was a block away from the stop. Then when I realized I had forgotten my wallet (and bus pass), he waved me on, anyway. That rocks! (Sadly, I needed my money at my destination so I had to decline. But I thanked him profusely!)
  • This afternoon, while waiting at SE Milwaukie and Powell St., a bus driver who wasn’t on a regular route (his sign said “Center Garage” – funny story, for the longest time, as in, for all the years I’ve been riding the bus I thought that meant “the central, or main, garage” but only realized recently that it means “The garage at SE 17th and Center Street”) stopped to let me and several others on, after warning us that he was only crossing the bridge and going downtown, which is all I needed. That rocks!

The Bad:

  • On my way home from a movie tonight, the driver of the #19 Woodstock got to SE Milwaukie and Powell and told his passengers that he’d broken a chain and that he had to return to the Center Garage, and that we could not stay with him while he got the chain fixed, stranding us. The next #19 wasn’t due (according to Transit Tracker, which isn’t that accurate during the Snowpocalypse!) for another 45 minutes! That’s not rockin’.
  • Since I was stranded near an AM/PM Mini Mart, I decided to wait inside. After about five minutes, the guy behind the counter asked me what I was doing there, and told me I could not stay there, kicking me back out into the snow on the snowiest day in Portland in my lifetime. I told him he was awesome and wished him a Merry Christmas. Motherfucker. That’s about as far from rockin’ as it’s possible to get.

Got any stories of the weather bringing out the best or the worst in people?