My head asplode

An unnamed “network administrator senior” at my place of work spent a minute reading a scripted report, noticed that there were some computers on the network that weren’t getting anti-virus updates, and decided to do something about it: sending an email to everyone else telling them to fix it.

That’s one way to earn one’s senior-level pay, I suppose.

In response, my friend and co-worker wrote a batch file, and, y’know, fixed the problem. Without having to go visit all those computers, like the “network administrator senior” suggested was the only way to solve the problem.

In the olden days I would have said that script-writing was more of a network-analyst kind of thing to do, but apparently that’s left for the lower pay grades these days.

But that’s not the best part of the story. When my friend and co-worker sent out an email explaining how he’d solved the problem by spending an hour or so writing a batch file, another “network administrator senior” sent out an email reply, sent to everyone, asking if my friend’s batch file could be run… from another batch file.

My head asplode. What kind of clueless question is that? Both of these “senior”-level people make more money than my friend, or me, for that matter. And they’re not management (not that that would spare them my ridicule), they’re supposed to be technical.

Maybe it’s just me, but they should be doing this stuff themselves. How hard is a batch file? It’s a list of commands!