Too many unofficial holidays

Tracy texted me this morning to inform me that today was Eggnog Latte Day. Which is apparently celebrated by ordering an eggnog latte, and by paying it forward – the lady ahead of her in the drive-thru paid for hers.

I had not realized that it was an official unofficial holiday, but I keep eggnog in my heart (not literally) all year ’round.

Today is also Repeal Day, the anniversary of that day when Prohibition was repealed in the United States. Prohibition of alcohol was yet another destructive outcome of religious beliefs, but like most fundamentalist plans, had a short-lived lifespan.

And today is also the annual Day of the Ninja, a day that is apparently celebrated in counter-point to the annual Talk Like A Pirate Day on September 19th. Did you realize that pirates and ninjas are natural enemies? I must admit that in the age-old battle between pirate and ninja, I’m a pirate partisan.

I think the best part of all these unofficial holidays it that I can easily celebrate all three. Heck, just adding a little rum to my eggnog latte combines the first two. Then, as long as no one sees me do it, that’s ninja enough, yes? Done, done and done, my friends.