After the disinterest I felt before the presidential election in 2000 (followed by annoyance and anger as the results dragged on – then the whammy of 9/11), and the growing and burning fear and need for change in 2004 (which, of course, did not come, and became anger and desire to work even harder)…

…now, the day before the election, I am electrified. I can see the polls, I know what they say, but I have also felt the gut-punch of reversal of expectation, and the numbness in the face of the worst possible outcome (by the worst possible president). And the feeling from the last election tempers my excitement.

And yet, still, I dare to hope that maybe, America is awake enough, aware enough of our endangered status in the community of nations, to make the right decision. We only need 50%+1, and yet, as long as the polls aren’t wronger than they’ve ever been wrong before, it looks as though there’s more than enough awake aware Americans to make this change happen.

As John Hodgman says, today feels like the last day before the last day of school. Or just a day before something big.

C’mon. Barack me, Obama. We need it.

If I spend all day holding my breath or seeming distracted, please understand.