Sen. John McCain looks… stunned… in this exchange from tonight’s debate:

Stunned! Flummoxed! Befuddled! Aghast!

I just play this over and over and over again.

(No, I didn’t actually watch the debate. My mind’s made up already. I hope all y’all out there still trying to figure out that you need to vote for the Democrat this time, for the good of us all, of the economy, the Constitution, and our standing in the world community watch this clip and remember that the economy always does better under Democratic presidents – always.)

Update: I’ve found a video that gives a bit more context to the question Sen. Obama is responding to and changed it. And, seriously, I can’t stop watching McCain blink. He just blinks and blinks and blinks. I try very hard to only ever refer to politicians by their formal title. I’d have to go back and check, but I don’t think I’ve ever even slipped and referred to our current President by anything other than “President Bush” or “George W. Bush”. If I have, I apologize for letting anger and frustration cloud my debating skills.

But, man… watching that video of Sen. McCain… so hard not to poke a little fun at that expression on his face. Wow. He’s, just… wow.

And Sen. Obama is one cool cat. Hot damn, it’s gonna be good having him in the White House.