About now, I could use it

To anyone still on the fence between electing Sen. McCain or Sen. Obama, here’s a comparison of their tax plans.

I don’t know about you, but I could use an extra $1042.00/year. That’s nearly a whole extra paycheck for me.

And before you scream that now’s not the time to be reducing taxes, notice how Sen. Obama’s tax plan increases taxes on the upper class rather dramatically. That will actually bring in more revenue to the government. The Bush tax “cuts” simply shifted the tax burden down on the middle and lower class (that’s you and me, bub) – and McCain has pledged to continue those tax “cuts”.

Oh, but, hey, McCain supporters and surrogates say: look – scary Muslims over there! Don’t think about the economy!

Ha. Like those of us who work for a living can ever really ignore the economy.