No deal

Just say “no” to handing over billions of dollars to the same screwed-up minds that got us into this financial mess.

Just say “no” to Bush’s Plan.

It’s that simple.

The financial institutions that lent the money, and assumed the risk for lending that money, need to pay the consequences of those actions. Not the taxpayers.

Or there’ll be hell to pay.

It’s that simple.

Monday morning, wake up and start calling your Congresscritters. Be polite but tell them this isn’t going to fly.

If they’re Democrats, remind them that this is the same script that lied our men and women into dying in Iraq for no reason.

If they’re Republicans… well, it might be a wasted call, but maybe you could remind them that at one time, “conservative” meant “fiscal responsibility”, and that letting bad actors off the hook isn’t exactly responsible. I don’t know if that’ll work. I don’t really know what to say to get Republicans to act in voters and taxpayers interests, to be honest, considering that the rank and file are OK with their leaders lying.

At any rate, more Americans are progressive or liberal, so we’ve got the numbers. Let’s light up the switch boards!

Good thing most of us have cell phone plans with free national long distance. Let’s make the telcos wish they’d never offered us that option!