Homeless Protest Continues

Here’s why protests matter. Mayor Potter is obviously rattled by all the attention being focused on him for his continuing mishandling of this situation, and is making even more mistakes in response.

Shame on Mayor Potter for stonewalling and not stepping up and serving the needs of ALL of the community. Mayor Potter used to have a blog, but but it hasn’t been updated in a while. But I did find his contact page. Be sure and drop him a note to let him know what you think.

Leonard, too, apparently, since he stood by Potter in today’s blatant disregard of the City Charter. That’s too bad; Commissioner Leonard seems like a nice enough guy. Give him some feedback, too.

Anyone hear from Sho Dozono on this topic in the last week?

And I’d like to re-iterate the thanks to Amy and Matt and the Merc for the continuing coverage.

I’m biting my tongue and clicking “Publish” before I go off on a rant about the lack of response from the Christian community…