Seeing that Jason Kottke is celebrating 10 years of continuous operation today, it makes me jealous.

I don’t remember how long I’ve owned the domain I think I bought it sometime in early 2003. The first time the domain got archived by the Internet Archive is 3 May 2003, and the date on the page that’s there says 2 March 2003, but as you can see there’s not much actual content. By the next archive update, there’s content of a sort: my bookmarks page, which looks very similar even today. That’s the private page without formatting. It’s how I’ve kept track of important or daily-use bookmarks for nearly the past 5 years. That page was archived on 12 December 2003.

But my first post with Blogger was made 1 November 2003. I made another post in that month, then didn’t start continuously updating until January 2004.

And digging further, the WHOIS information for the domain shows that the registry entry was created on 7 January 2001! Holy crab, that’s much longer ago than I thought or remembered. I sat on the domain for almost two years before doing anything with it.

So which birthday should I celebrate? I’ve posted about the anniversary of my first post before. But I’ve been using the domain for a bit longer than that, and I’ve owned the domain even longer.

What the hell. I’ll celebrate all of them! I’ll go add all these dates to my calendar to remind myself in the future…