Portland Wants Radiohead!

I rarely listen to the radio, but this morning I was returning a FlexCar and happened to catch Greg on KNRK teasing about trying to convince Radiohead to come to Portland on their 2008 “In Rainbows” tour. The band has announced the cities (but not the dates or venues) of the tour, and sadly, no Portland visit is planned. Even the Mercury thinks that’s bogus.

Greg’s plan is to get as many people as possible to vote via email by sending a note to PortlandWantsRadiohead@gmail.com. He’s hoping for 25,000. Here’s my little bit to bring up the numbers…

What? I meant blogging this. That’s my little bit. I don’t work for the station. I just think that Thom and the boys could stop by my city, considering the last time I saw them live (OK, the only time) I drove all the way to Coachella and risked heat stroke in the desert to hear them live. Totally worth it, but, y’know, it’s their turn to come to my city.