Birthday Dinner

Dear everyone,

I had the best dinner last night! Lisa and Bill came over and we had dinner at the Italian restaurant at my resort. Everything was perfect; the service was friendly without being overbearing, and the FOOD! Bill had veal, Lisa had lamb, and I had bacon wrapped steak and cheese manicotti (with pine nuts! YUM).

They picked up that it was my birthday from one mention, and for dessert they brought out a tiramisu – with two ladies’ legs, carved from cookies, sticking up from the top! Happy Birthday was written on the plate with chocolate sauce.

Daniel, our waiter, delicately pried the legs apart so he could place the single candle between them.

After, we sat around the pool and talked until late. Oh, and drank. And people-watched. Bill was impressed by the topless ladies. Lisa could not stop talking about the food. She joked that she felt like she’d had a reward meal on some reality show, and now had to go back to eating grub worms at the other resort.

I ate so much food!

How can I possibly be hungry this morning? And yet, I am.

signed, Brian.