Scariest Christmas Ever!

Dear everybody,

On my taxi ride to my sister’s hotel this morning, I left my iPhone in the cab. Didn’t notice ’til I tried to call my sister in the lobby.

Panic nearly ensued.

I immediately asked the bell staff to help me track down the driver. He had already left. They asked the concierge, Gabriella, to help. She was able to get the taxi number and the driver’s cell and started calling.

Meanwhile, I found my family and used their phone to call mine. Voicemail. Max was the only one who spoke Spanish so he left a message telling whoever answered to bring the phone to the Blue Bay Club for a reward. I started counting my cash…

Back at the front desk, Gabriella said she had called my phone and had a woman say, “I think you are calling the wrong number” and hung up.

I asked her to try again.

This time, the driver picked up. Gabriella explained about the reward and he agreed to return it.

I gave the driver US$60. I think that’s worth it.

Merry Christmas! signed, Brian