Warming up

I’m warming up for my blast of writing, the writing that’s going to finish the first draft of my novel “Impoverty”, started last November during NaNoWriMo, and begin the long process that will catapult me to fame and fortune. Or something. Here’s some tidbits I noticed around town as I made my way to this comfy blue couch on which I shall spend the afternoon.

  • Three friends (or rather, four friends, but two of them are married to each other so it’s three separate groups of friends) have gone camping for the weekend (to different places). Two of the friends are still texting me, however, so I’m questioning just how much they’re actually “roughing it”. But the friends who aren’t texting me don’t normally text much, so maybe they still have cell service and they’re just busy and having fun.
  • The mannequins at the Victoria’s Secret store don’t have much of an ass. Really kind of flat, though heart-shaped. Not much booty.
  • There are still crowds around the iPhones at the Apple Store. I guess the coolness doesn’t go away after only a month. Yes, I had to touch the iPhone.
  • Backspape, the coolest place in Portland ever, just got even more cool: as part of their August art installation, they’ve put in a freakin’ treehouse. It overlooks the also-new stage for musical and other events. I asked the cute barista and she said that it’s probably permanent. Yes. Simply… yes.