Vegas week

Next week I’m on vacation. Yes, the planned road trip to Vegas. In fact, I’m leaving tonight, this evening.

I’m ready for the vacation, definitely. I re-watched “Swingers” this week. I’ve been running. Got some money saved up. Packed my sunscreen (according to it’s freakin’ 99° as I type this).

Smacky’s got food to last him ’til I’m back. Bills are paid. Yup. I’m ready to go.

Of course I’m going to blog while I’m gone. Duh. But if you need a quicker hit of some of that Lunar Obverse magic, I’m going to be using Twitter for my trip.

Twitter is a new social page that lets people text or IM short messages and have them posted on the internet. I can update Twitter from my phone, using the unlimited texting that T*Mobile graciously provides me for a nominal fee.

I may or may not figure out how to send phone pics to Twitter. I’ve already made my phone pics available publicly here, so you may want to check there next week to see what I can capture with my cruddy phone cam.