ATM located on front of building.

On the south west corner of the intersection of SE Bybee and Milwaukie Ave., there’s a bank. The building occupies about a quarter of the lot; the rest is parking, mostly. There are entrances on three of the buildings sides – the east, north and west sides. The drive-through is on the south side of the building. The ATM shares the east wall of the building with one of the entrances.

I walked past and spotted the sign, and, because I’m an over-thinker, I immediately wondered what the sign author meant by “front”. The sign was in a door that led into the interior of the building. Why wasn’t that door the “front”? Was it because it was above the main floor, so that once inside that door, you had to walk down a stairway to reach the main lobby?

The doors on the north side of the bank shared that wall with lots of glass, windows from about knee-high up to the ceiling. Why wasn’t that the “front”? It looked like a “front” – it fronted onto the sidewalk. The teller’s booths, inside, faced that way. Seemed like it could be a “front”.

The door on the east side, next to the ATMs, and apparently labeled the “front” of the building by the sign’s author, led to a short hallway, and then to another door into the main lobby. I suppose it could be considered the “front” by virtue of it having a vestibule before the main bank floor.

Still seemed a bit of an arbitrary label to me, though.