Tracy and I were talking, via text, at work. Then I got busy with some other things and couldn’t respond to Tracy. Tracy kept sending me more and more worried texts, wondering why I’d stopped talking to her.

After I was done, I explained that I had been on a call, and emailing someone else, and I apologized for not being able to talk.

Tracy responded: It’s all in my head, Brian. We’ve gone over that already. But, I appreciate you spelling it out for me. That’s EXACTLY what I need right now. More than you know. Thanks for being you, as always.

I replied: It can’t all be in your head. Because it’s all in MY head.

Tracy: Really?

Me: Duh. It can’t ALL be in BOTH heads, now, can it?

Tracy: I’m pretty sure it’s ALL in MY head, Brian. Just sayin’.

Me: I’m so blobbing this.