iTunes 7.0

The new iTunes is so… sexy…

CoverFlow rocked, and now it rocks even more that it’s actually in iTunes. Kudos to Apple to buying the company, instead of giving them the shaft like they (apparently) did to the Watson folk.

And the best part – most of the goodies will work on my 5G iPod Video. I don’t have to buy a new one. Games? I can play the games. Gapless playback? Yep, it works on my iPod now (after the update).

There’s even a new feature: when scrolling quickly through a list of song, artists, or albums, it used to be hard to stop where I wanted because scrolling would speed up as I went, and I would often overshoot where I was trying to get to. But now, when scrolling, there’s a letter corresponding to my spot on the list superimposed over the top of the list. So. Cool.

The only movie I’d like to download is “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, but since I’m boycotting Disney now I’ll have to take a pass.

What’s that? You say I should be boycotting Apple products, too, since Steve Jobs is Disney’s largest shareholder?

That’s just crazy talk.

I could no more boycott Apple than I could stop being supa-cool.