Maybe both

Automator is a feature of Mac OS X Tiger that allows a user to set up “workflows” – sets of tasks, the kinds of things that a user tends to do over and over again. It’s kind of hard to explain without giving an example… Apple’s website says:

You can easily automate tasks such as renaming a large group of files, resizing dozens of images to fit an iPhoto slideshow or creating iCal birthday events using Address Book contacts, then repeat those tasks again and again.

I haven’t used it until just this weekend… when I set up a workflow that lets me get around the copy protection in a shareware game I downloaded.

I found it would only let me play 20 games without paying for it. But if I delete the Preferences file and the files in ~/Library/Application Support/ – voila! It resets the game!

I’ve done this 5 or 6 times, and then realized I could set up Automator so that I could have a contextual menu item that deletes them all in one step! Easy-peasy!

…so, is that lazy, or cheap?