A month or two ago, I forget exactly when, I was at work, and having contact lens problems. I keep some saline solution at my desk, so I took the saline into the men’s room, took out my contacts, rinsed them off, put them back in… all was fine.

Except that I left the bottle of saline solution in the men’s room. Forgot it was there.

Couple of weeks later, I was in the men’s room and that bottle was still sitting on the counter next to the sink.

…or was it the same bottle?

Had somone else used it in the meantime? Probably not. But… I can’t tell. And, just like girls are told not to use each other’s makeup because they can pick something up, I’m wary of using a saline bottle or eye drops that someone else has used.

Trouble is, I can’t tell if someone else has used it or not.

Is that paranoid? Yeah, probably. Better safe than sorry.

So I was having contact lense issues today.

Think I’ll go up to the drug store and buy another bottle.

Better safe than sorry.