When did The Oregonian become a real newspaper, like we had in the olden days where the reporters would, y’know, report the news without “balancing” it with a fake opposing viewpoint?

First, I read about (on Glenn Greenwald’s excellent blog) The Oregonian’s lawsuit to unseal some crucial documents in a NSA wiretapping case.

Now, with all the excellent coverage of Dave Boyer’s early resignation from the county.

Because the Boregonian only allows access to their articles on the web for 14 days, I’ve saved and archived them all as PDFs.

I’ve also included the letters to the editor that The BigO has printed, Willamette Week’s article on the topic, as well as another copy of Dave Boyer’s original resignation letter.

But, maybe it’s just because The Big O has decided that Diane Linn, Multnomah County Chair, has got to go?

I do notice, however, that the Boregonian has been silent on Dave Boyer’s other accusation – of differential treatment for line staff, managers, and executives?

Damn, I’d like to bring that to their attention. I just wish I could think of some examples of that bias. Oh, well, I’ve got to go; I need to talk to a co-worker who testified against Jann Brown and is getting laid off… after interviewing for a new position on a panel that, completely coincidentally, included Jann Brown…

Update 28 March 2006 – I have added the link and the PDF of The Oregonian’s front-page article detailing the internal battles between Dave Boyer and other managers at the county. Interesting read, and I completely forgot to include it earlier. My bad.