I didn’t do my planned speedwork last night. I was somewhat rushed because I had been reminded by my nephew Max that his school’s Science Fair was last night, and I wanted to see his project.

Plus, and, this might be a psychosomatic symptom, but my left ankle had been sore all day, and when I started running to warm up (I did make it to the gym and do some running) it felt like it would get much worse if I stepped on it wrong. So I ran an easy mile and then stretched out and showered off. After I stretched out, it felt much better and I didn’t have any pain afterward. So I’m modifying my plan – I’ll do my speedwork tomorrow, take Saturday off (or do strength training), and then there’s a 5K run on Sunday that I will probably do, one that I had forgotten about when I made up my schedule.

Oh, and Max’s project? He was testing the changes that a ghost might make to temperature, light, sound and smell.