Ran tonight.

Gym, treadmill, Asics, used the inhaler, planned on 3 miles.

Mostly kept a 10:00 pace, but near the end of each mile (0.1 mile to go) I bumped the speed up to just a touch faster than I thought I could handle tonight (which worked out to be anywhere from an 8:35 pace to, around the 2 mile mark, an even 8:00 pace) until I rolled over to the next whole mile. Finished in 30:00 with 3.05 miles total.

Did a comprehensive stretching routine after

It was hard to get the energy to go. Cold, wet weather, short days, having been house-bound all day Sunday due to snow and freezing rain, the persistent allergies due to mold… damn, this winter is getting to me. It’s kinda hard to stay motivated. I’ll stick with it, though, because it will pay off when the season starts changing and I can run outside again.