Quick running update.

Ran last night. Just planned on 3 miles at a moderately-hard pace. Succeeded, but it was a tough run. I think I’m coming down with something. Bleh.

Tonight was speedwork, same drill as last several weeks; after a mile of easy warmup, do four alternating sets of 4:00 fast, 2:00 easy. Record my distance. Then a mile of cooldown at whatever pace I need.

Music was Gin Blossom’s “New Miserable Experience” (kinda slow for a speed workout, but whatever, it worked). Wore the Asics, and they gave me a freakin’ blister again. I am not pleased.

And even though it was tough, and I had trouble breathing properly (too much gunk in my sinuses), I managed to improve from last week’s 9:15 average pace, to a 9:11 average pace (distance: 2.61 miles).

Imagine what I could do if I could, y’know, breathe. Yay. I rock.