There’s a new restaurant near where I work. It serves upscale hot dogs, called “Dazzle Dogs”. I’ve kinda wanted to try it out, see if they’re as good as “Good Dog, Bad Dog”, but just haven’t yet. Hot dogs are normally “bleh” but when they have actual meat in them they’re not so bad.

Today I walked by there on my break, coming back from Rite-Aid to get a Diet Vanilla Coke, and the lights were off and there were signs on the door that read:


That’s, um, a really bad sign to hang on the door of a restaurant. I think a simple “CLOSED” or, if they had to have an explanation, “CLOSED TEMPORARILY” would have sufficed. If they plan on re-opening, they’re probably going to see a drop in business.

The owners must be new to this whole “marketing” thing…