Didn’t want to think about this right off the bat, but during my race yesterday I kept track of (most of) my mile splits. Here they are (with the split plus elapsed time):

  1. 09:44.99 (0:09:44.99)
  2. 09:38.84 (0:19:23.83)
  3. Didn’t see the 3-mile sign…
  4. 19:53.20 (0:39:17.03)
  5. 09:47.12 (0:49:04.15)
  6. 11:24.63 (1:00:28)
  7. 1:47:33 (1:02:16)

Up until Mile 5, I managed to keep a 9:48 pace, dammit! I was doing so well. That last full mile killed me… Yeah, I had to stop and walk a bit. Grabbed water at the water station right after the Mile 5 sign, then had to stop as we passed the Marriott… then had to stop again on the long dirt road by the new OHSU buildings that are going up. But dammit, at least I finished strong…