From Thursday evening to Saturday afternoon, I ran a total of 15.5 miles.

Which is almost as much as the average Hood to Coast runner did between Friday morning and Saturday evening (196 total miles, divided by 12 runners on a team, equals an average of 16.3 miles per runner).

So, in a small way, my weekend was almost as grueling as running in the Hood to Coast.

OK, not really. I didn’t have to sleep in a van with 5 other sweaty runners and eat nothing but energy bars and Diet Rock Star and not shower or shave for two days, along with all the rest.

But it gave me a small idea of what it might be like. I think I might be ready for HTC next year.

UPDATE: Since I’m able to get up or down stairs easily, unlike several HTC entrants I know right now, I’m going to say I definitely haven’t pushed myself as hard as I would in the HTC.