Thirty-six years ago on this date, NASA landed men on the moon. I was, at the time, 4 1/2 years old, and I’m almost positive that my memories now of the event are wrong, but I remember seeing the images from space on the teevee in the living room of my family’s apartment in Kalama, Washington. The timing is right, anyway, I think. (If any family members are reading this feel free to chime in and correct me).

Maybe it’s just because of my last name but I’ve always been interested in space and the moon and being an astronaut. Probably won’t happen now but who knows? There’s still time.

At any rate, in honor of the first man on the moon, the amazing Google has launched Google Moon, which is like Google Earth but with much less to actually look at. I’ve found one Easter egg already and, knowing Google, there are probably more.