Sweet cracker sandwich! I haven’t posted in over a day!

Ran last night, up and down the Waterfront Park and Eastbank Esplanade. Didn’t time myself, just going for slow-but-steady. Did some speed work on Saturday, blech. Speed work is always the suck. If it feels easy, then it’s not speed work, you know? I ran down to the Milwaukie High School track and did 10 sets of 15 seconds flat-out, followed by 45 seconds of jogging recovery.

I plan on running some hill intervals tomorrow morning, then resting Thursday, having a light day on Friday, then running in the Beat the Burnside on Sunday. 8 kilometers, all downhill. Yay. I hope to do well but don’t want to hurt myself too much, since the Nike Run Hit Wonder is the following weekend and I want to do well, even though it’s gonna be crowded.