I ran at the gym last night. 2.5 miles, 23:59 total time, for about a 9:36 average pace.

And after I finished, I felt as though I could have gone faster. I still had something left.

I’m thinking that if I push myself, I could do a 5K at, oh, say, a 9:20 pace. Maybe. It’s a goal, at least. And, looky here, I have a 5K race coming up.

Unfortunately, it’s a tough race. I ran it last year, and the course is downhill for the first two miles, then uphill for the last mile. My normal strategy is to hold back for the first mile or so, then pick up the pace. However, that is difficult for this course due to the downhills… So I might have to go all out in order to make up enough time to allow for dying on the last mile.