Didn’t run Saturday as planned. I did do a little bit of walking, but not really 3 miles worth. So I had to run today.

I decided I’d do a 4 mile run. As you’ll see below, I was very fast for the first 3 miles. I averaged a 9:25 mile pace! Unfortunately, the last mile, even though I tried to keep moving, took almost exactly 11 minutes, giving me an average pace for the whole course of 9:48, which is still good.

Here’s the half-mile splits:

  1. 4:42.90
  2. 4:45.03 (09:27.93)
  3. 4:49.80 (14:17.73)
  4. 4:50.41 (19:08.14)
  5. 4:39.00 (23:47.14)
  6. 4:28.60 (28:15.74)
  7. 5:10.01 (33:25.75)
  8. 5:49.39 (39:15.14)

Next week will be slightly different. I’ve got a tough race on Saturday, and am going to the beach on Friday. I’d like to run a little bit at the beach, weather permitting, but seeing how my times are improved on fresh legs (my times today and on Friday, for longer distances, demonstrate that), maybe I’ll do most of my running early in the week, focusing on speed work, and then take Thursday and Friday off.

I’ll post a schedule for myself later today.