I had an awesome run tonight, even though it was in the pouring rain.

Four miles, 38:11.45 total time, average pace 9:32.9! I’m having trouble believing it. If I hadn’t been there I’m not sure I would believe it.

Here are the half-mile splits:

  1. 4:38.08 [downhill]
  2. 4:53.13 [downhill]
  3. 4:59.33 [uphill]
  4. 4:40.58 [flat]
  5. 4:33.41 [flat]
  6. 4:23.04 [downhill]
  7. 5:15.72 [flat]
  8. 4:48.16 [flat]

All but one half-mile was under 5:00, and I don’t go over 5:00 until mile 3.5.

I’m very happy with this time. Between yesterday and tonight, I’m going in to my rest day pleased with my performance lately. Lots of positive stuff going on lately so I won’t single anything out but let’s just say that I’m not inclined to change right now…