How I know I’m (finally) addicted to running:

Since Friday morning, I’ve been feeling like I’m coming down with a cold. Sore throat, runny nose, general aches and tiredness. No energy for much of anything. Once I’m moving, I feel extreme inertia pulling at me to stop moving, and once I’ve stopped moving I’m pretty much there for the next couple of hours. Can’t focus on stuff, can’t think clearly, people have to repeat themselves ’cause it’s like I’m wrapped in a thick blanket of soft cotton padding and their words are slow to penetrate.

…except that I’ve gone running, even feeling like this. Twice, Friday afternoon and this morning. And done OK, too.

It’s as though I have energy for nothing except running. It takes me a while to get moving, but once I am, I’m in auto-pilot mode and my body responds. But afterward… nada. Nothing. Lying on a couch, or slumped over in a chair, or, if I have to move, zombie-like and lurching around looking for a place to stop moving.

Bleh. But at least I’m running. I guess.