So, pouring over my site statistics lately. There was a huge, atypical surge in traffic on March 1st, and I’ve been trying to figure out what caused it. I mean, I normally see around 10,000 hits for the month since around October last year, but so far for March I’ve got over 12,000 as of midnight last night (when the site stats update), and over 4500 of them came on one day.

In looking over all the stats that webalizer is providing, I can trace the huge spike to my posting about Jef Raskin’s passing over that weekend. Come Monday, a site called “Web Pro News” found my site and included my small posting along with several others as a tribute. Web Pro News was the referrer for 4400 of those hits, linking to me that day. Interesting. And now I link back to Mr. Rich Ord, completing the circle.

I’ll bet that I don’t generate as much traffic for him as he generated for me… I’m OK with asymmetry, though.