I feel guilty when I’m getting paid $30/hour to “clean up” a Windows PC. I feel guilty because I know I’m going to take several hours pretending I can “clean it up” before I finally get to the point where I bag it and just wipe it clean and start from scratch.

I feel even more guilty when I find out that it’s running Windows ME, which is shit even when compared to other Windows versions. It’s shittier than shit. It’s the shit that shit would shit out if shit could shit. Goddamn, Windows v1.0 would look at WinME and say, “You are shit.” Hell, DOS 6 would think WinME was, yeah, shit.

I’ve now spent three fucking hours and, yeah, I’m at that point. But I’m waiting for that one last spy-ware cleaning program to finish running, even though the little blue bar is only at 10% and hasn’t moved in five minutes. I think I’m going to take myself off the clock while this thing finishes running.