I meant to post this yesterday. I ran to work for the first time in months and did pretty good. Not including warm-up and cool-down I covered ~5.4 miles in around 55:30. I had to stop a couple of times, briefly, for no more than about 10-20 steps before starting to run again. I didn’t push my pace hard, since I had so far to cover. It felt pretty good, although I was a bit wheezy after the run.

I was worried it would be too cold but I warmed up quickly. Wore my trusty Brooks Adrenaline GT5s, shorts, and a short-sleeve singlet and long-sleeved tech shirt over it.

Was going to listen to Radiohead but Cake came up randomly (Motorcade of Generosity followed by Prolonging the Magic) and it had been a long time since I’d heard them while exercising that I let the Shuffle, um, not shuffle.

I’m worried in a minor key about my right heel; it’s a bit sore and the non-medical diagnosis of my athletic friends is that it sounds like plantar fasciitis. I’m starting to stretch that area more to see if that helps. My friends sent me a link but it’s way too medical-technical; I found some articles from a layman’s perspective.