I’m tired of carrying around a thick wallet.

Mind you, I wouldn’t mind so much if the wallet was busting open with twenty-, fifty-, and hundred-dollar bills. Sadly, that’s not the case. Instead it’s full of credit cards that, more often than not, are maxed out, multiplying “customer appreciation cards” of the sort where you collect stamps or punches in order to earn a freebie, and various other “membership” cards that I use from time to time for discounts or just basic access. Add on top of that all the receipts from debit card transactions and ATM uses, and my wallet bulges like some bulge-y thing.

I’m sure sitting on that thing is killing my back and neck. Sure of it.

This weekend I adopted a solution. I’m carrying two wallets now.

In the first wallet I put just the bare minimum; my debit card, my bus pass, my FlexCar card, my driver’s license, and most of the “customer appreciation cards”. Much much thinner that way. Oh, and any cash I may be carrying, although thanks to my debit card (and the fact that I earn miles on Alaska Airlines for using my debit card) I rarely carry any cash these days. That’s thin enough to sit on, although I still tend to put it in a front pocket out of habit.

Into the other wallet goes everything else. And that wallet goes in my jacket, or my backpack if I’m carrying that. And if I forget it? Not a big deal; I can get by with the primary wallet most of the time.

I’ll try it for a while and see how it goes.