Caleb and I were going to see Dr. Strangelove today, but apparently he’s busy falling in Love with Pure Knowledge. I don’t think Caleb sees the irony, but I do.

Smacky is being very bite-y today and I don’t know why. He climbs up on my shoulders and bites my hair and ears. Not fun. Especially not fun when I’m trying to get him off of me and he digs in with his claws while continuing to bite me. At first I thought he was grooming me (awwwwwwww…) but then I realized that grooming would involve less biting and more licking. No, he was up to something else.

So… I think I’m still going to go see the Dr., just because it’s horribly funny (or funnily horrible?) and it’s been years since I’ve seen it (and never on the big screen). Also I can get away from my bite-y cat, who is currently perched on my left shoulder purring and watching me type.