I know, I know, I promised a longer post. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot to post about. Haven’t finished processing the trial I was just a witness in. I’m sure most of you out there in Blogsylvania are tired of reading about my running, but, hell, I only post that stuff for my own benefit.

I did run tonight, 3.4 miles, around 32 minutes. Tried to focus on “just keep going” but had to stop a couple of times (once to pee because I didn’t go before I left the house). Even though it was kinda chilly outside (low 50s, it felt like, here, let me check the Weather channel – current temp is 48 degrees F), and even though I just dropped $123 on running pants and a long-sleeved running shirt, I went in shorts and a short-sleeved singlet. I did wear a cap. Oh, and my new Brooks flashing light, for visibility. Damn, I’m buying a lot of technical clothes and running equipment.

What else is going on? Not too much.