The Boston Red Sox won.

They went to The Show, and won it all. With a sweep, no less, of the Cardinals.


I have mixed feelings about it. I mean, great, it’s cool, the Curse is lifted, over with. I got some email buddies in Boston that I don’t expect to hear from for at least a couple of days (you guys have voted already, right? Right? You’ve got to vote, you know, I don’t care how hung over you are). Peace out, dogs, and all that.

…on the other hand… Don’t get me wrong. I’m a traditionalist. If for no other reason than that, that’s why I love baseball in the first place (note to Caleb: yes, I can be a traditionalist and still respect baseball for changing the type of baseball; they make changes every 20-30 years or so, just to mix it up a little. Baseball’s more than a century old, you know). But, butbutbut… the Curse is part of that tradition. It just doesn’t feel right to have it end.

I mean, what’s next? The Cubs?

On the other other hand, lunar eclipses (like the one last night) are supposed to herald great change. And this was a pretty great one.

I guess I was just hoping for the eclipse to mean a change for someone else. It can still mean that, right? Right?